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Protective Orders

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When family or dating relationships go wrong and violence is threatened and places the victim in fear of imminent harm, or violence actually occurs, it may be necessary to request protection from our courts against the perpetrator by filing an application for a protective order.

If after a hearing the court determines that family violence has occurred and is likely to incur in the future the court will issue a protective order. The protective order will include specific terms prohibiting the perpetrator from engaging in further family violence and could also include orders pertaining to the protection of children or pets, orders to remain a certain distance from where the victim or child reside or where the victim is employed, and orders for use of property, support or payment of legal fees and costs.

Sometimes there is a real need to have a protective order issued against a person who has engaged in violent acts or who has engaged in violent acts and the risk of future violent acts is highly probable. Sometimes the negative conduct occurred as a result of an accident, or extenuating or unusual circumstances without signficant harm caused and there is little liklihood of any reoccurrence of violent acts.   It is important to understand what a protective order can or cannot do for you. It is also important to know what other options are available if protection is needed, and what the result could mean to you, your child, or to the alleged perpetrator, if the  person is wrongfully accused.  

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