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The Woodlands Paternity Lawyer

Establishing the paternity of children is necessary when a child is not born during a marriage relationship. There are also presumptions of paternity that arise when a child is born under certain circumstances, such as when the parties voluntarily name the father on the child's birth certificate, the parties sign an acknowledgement of paternity, or the parties are married and the child is born before the 301st day after the date the marriage is terminated by death, annulment, declaration of invalidity, or divorce.

Texas Paternity Lawyer

If paternity of the child is at issue, genetic testing will be ordered by the court upon request of the mother or an alleged or presumed father. A man is rebuttably identified as the father of a child if the genetic testing performed on the child and other designated individuals complies with the law and the results disclose that the man has at least a 99 percent probability of paternity as calculated by law.  Once paternity has been established, the conservatorship, possession, and support of the child should be decided either by agreement of the parents in a suit to establish paternity or by presenting any disputed issues to the court for resolution.

The Woodlands Paternity Lawyer

If the establishment or denial of paternity of a child is at issue, contact the office of Spielvogel & Spielvogel, P.C. to schedule a confidential appointment to discuss the circumstances surrounding the child's birth and history of parental care for the child whose paternity is in question with Janet L. Spielvogel, who has been providing quality legal services for clients in need of a family law attorney in Harris County and Montgomery County, Texas for more than 30 years. Janet L. Spielvogel has been board certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1993.