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When the decision is made to buy or sell residential or commercial real property, and parties' to the transaction have entered into their preliminary agreement, it is customary to have that contract presented to a title company to assist with the closing of the real estate transaction.

Paul D. Spielvogel, president of Spielvogel & Spielvogel, P.C., fee attorney and escrow closing officer for American Title Company, brings more than 30 years of real estate and title experience to each closing, giving you the confidence you deserve to know the process will be handled correctly and efficiently. His knowledgeable and trained staff of escrow assistants and bi-lingual English/Spanish speaking escrow officers, work together to strive for a smooth and enjoyable closing experience.

Real Estate Transactions and Development

Preparation for the closing of any real estate transaction could reveal obstacles that must be resolved, corrected, or addressed, to protect your legal rights and interests before the conveyance of real property can be finalized in accordance with the parties' agreements and before title insurance can be issued. Paul D. Spielvogel works with individuals, families, Realtors, lending institutions, underwriters, taxing authorities and legal representatives for parties' to the transaction to be sure all available actions have been taken and legal issues resolved whenever possible, to be able to provide clear title to each subject property.

Complications to any real estate transaction could include liens or title defects affecting the property, such as: court orders, divorce suits and owelty agreements, tax liens, marital agreements, bankruptcies, lawsuits, or judgments. Paul D. Spielvogel and his team of highly qualified escrow officers and personnel recognize those impediments to closing and work diligently with all interested or necessary parties' to get the transaction to the closing table.

Paul D. Spielvogel handles real estate matters of all types, including but not limited to, the purchase or sale of real property, home equity loans, short sales, and refinances. When short sales are being negotiated or foreclosures are imminent and could affect the ability to close the real estate transfer, Paul D. Spielvogel has the experience to address those issues with involved entities in an attempt to resolve the obstacles impeding the closing process.

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Meeting the requirements of the Foreign Investment Reporting Tax Act (FIRPTA), rules and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service and State Board of Insurance, together with other state and federal laws is an integral part of the real estate closing process and is a significant reason why it is important to choose the right professionals to assist you with your real estate needs. Contact Paul D. Spielvogel at Spielvogel & Spielvogel, P.C. to schedule an appointment to discuss your real estate needs or simply deliver your residential or commercial real estate contract to our office to open the title process, and one of our highly trained staff will meet with you to coordinate the closing on the property.