Grandparents Rights

The Woodlands Grandparent's Rights Lawyer

A divorce will tear families apart and make it difficult for some of the relationships to survive it. This couldn't be truer when it comes to grandparents. Often the grandparents are caught right in the middle. They love their kids and try to understand why the divorce was necessary, but they are also concerned about being able to continue spending time with their grandchildren.

This is important for the kids as well. Children often have very special, warm feelings for their grandparents and they may be worried that they won't able to spend quality time with them anymore. Both the kids and the grandparents may be grieving right along with other family members.

Fostering the Relationship Between Grandparent & Grandchild

In the best case scenario, a couple understands how their divorce is affecting other family members and they seek to work things out in a calm manner. Coming together to solve tough problems takes patience and a willingness to compromise but often one or both parties harbors negative feelings toward their spouse.

In these cases, it may be a good idea to seek professional mediation and try to work out the most troubling issues. Grandparents visiting rights should not be ignored during these negotiations. If the parents of the children have been unresponsive and unwilling to work with grandparents, then it may be necessary to go to court and seek legal assistance. As a grandparent, you have the right to continue seeing your grandchildren and the Texas court system can help you set up scheduled visitation.

Grandparent's Rights Lawyer in The Woodlands & Conroe

This will require petitioning the court and it is to your advantage to work with an experienced family law firm in The Woodlands. Your attorney can help you understand your options as grandparents and explore every avenue. Crucial paperwork must be filed. The court system will consider many different things such as the age and sex of the kids, as well as the home life of the grandparents. Courts are always concerned with making sure the children have a safe, positive environment, even during brief visits.

Issues like these can be emotionally charged and stressful for your family, and yet it's important for grandparents to continue to have regular time with their grandchildren. If you are a grandparent who has lost the ability to spend time with your grandkids, then find out about your legal rights.

Get Professional Legal Help

Spielvogel & Spielvogel, P.C. understands your concerns and can offer valuable legal advice. If you decide to move forward with legal action to ensure that you have regular visitation with your grandchildren, the law firm can file the necessary paperwork for you. Working with a highly experienced family law firm can give you peace of mind and help you understand where you stand as a grandparent.

Couples can sometimes be so caught up in their own affairs that they forget about the need for grandparents of see their grandkids. Work with an experienced family lawyer at Spielvogel & Spielvogel to ensure that your visitation rights will be recognized and upheld.

With over 30 years of experience, Paul and Janet Spielvogel fight for your rights and represent your interests in court so that you can maintain regular contact with your grandchildren. Please contact our The Woodlands Law office today to set up your appointment for a legal consultation.